Unintended lyrics

Music to sooth the savage beast (breast).What songs do you know that people routinely misunderstand the lyrics, to the concernation or amusement of the artist. For example Dylans's "Excuse me while I turn and kiss the guy" (kiss the sky). Nylons "Give me the Beach Boys and free my soul" (Give me the beat boys and free my soul I want to get lost in the rock and roll)
John Prine "it's a half an inch of water and I think I'm gonna drown" some thought it was "it's a half an enchilada and I think I'm gonna drown". Oh and Louie Louie was of course be the Kingsmen. hey we gotta go.
Yes, Boa, I think it was Nirvana. It was definitely one of the Seattle / Grunge type bands.

Revved up like a deuce! That actually makes sense! All these years I thought it was "wrecked up like a douche".

How about the Beatles' Baby you're a Rich Man? Supposedly they chant at the end "Baby you're a rich fag jew", a reference to their producer, (George Martin, I think?). Please not that I have nothing against either Jewish or Gay people, (I don't think the Beatles did either) just discussing song lyrics.

Re: backwards lyrics, many years ago, my friend in middle school spun the Beatles' Revolution #9 backwards over the phone for me. Not exactly high resolution, but it sure sounded like "Turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man..." How this can come from "Number nine, number nine" is a great mystery to me.

Does anyone know what the backwards lyrics are on "Purple Rain"?
So it is said that dolts know the words but not the music. Sound like occasionally audiophiles know the music but not the words.
Hey Sean;

Great link. I would like to say i just had one of those Oh God, Now I have heard it all..." moments; but then again I only just listen to the Stairway to Heaven link with that great picture.