Universal disc players as CD players.

Anyone else use their DVD players as main CD players?

 Pioneer elite dv48, dv58, dv79.  Oppo, etc etc.  

 what is your thoughts on the sound of them as a CD player?

  How they sound vs a dedicated CD player. 

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I use an Oppo DV-981HD in a second system at my cabin. It was ok then I realized i had a MyDac sitting around and added that and wow big improvement with just low end DAC. The Oppo is slow and alone it is not that great.
I have an OPPO BDP-205. When playing CDs, I can’t tell the difference between the onboard DAC and the DAC in my Ayre QX-5 20. This is my third Oppo and each has been an upgrade over the previous one. My last dedicated CD player was a Rega Planet 2000 and the BDP-85, which was my first Oppo was better than that Rega, no question (eg my wife said so). 
That said, I almost never use cds anymore, I just rip and stream with Roon as there is no audible difference in my system.