Unknown wood on B&W 802 series 80

I just scored a nice looking pair of B&W 802s at an auction the other day for $750 so I'm very excited to get them in my system whenever I find the time to pick up these 70 pound beasts. What struck me most about these 802s is that they came in this very interesting wood (veneer I'm assuming). I've done a little research into other 802s and even some random various wood types and so far have seen nothing like them. My best guess is Tigerwood or Ironwood but those seem very strange to finish speakers in. Are these a custom job that B&W or someone else did? Are they one of a kind? Or am I getting too excited and they're not that rare? This is my first forum post so thanks for reading!
My woodworker's reply

" Looks like sap rosewood or it could be one of those Central American ones like sappy santos rosewood or cocobola."
From your pictures it looks like someone did a pretty good job on them. I would prefer something closer to book matched, however, for $750, if the functionally is good, I think you made a great deal.
Did anyone notice that the grills on the Bass section are not in the same location on each speaker.  I owned 802's in the late 80's and I don't remember the Binding Post looking like that.  Also, the "Head" should be wired with a coiled XLR type cable.  My cable failed and it took months to get a replacement from the Factory.  

Definitely someone has refinished/refurbished them.  I would exercise caution before buying.  Remember, these speakers are around 30 years old.  B&W's sounded a lot different back then compared to the Modern "Nautilus" type tweeters found in today's 802's.
Thank you all for the kind words and ideas, thank you especially Elliot for your tips about keeping them nice and actually getting your woodworker on this. As for the bass grills I'm pretty sure it's just the picture, I have several more pictures that I didn't include that showed the grills at the same level, also a few zoomed in pics. I can include some of those too if it'd please you all.