Uno Owners-Which speaker cable ?

I am receiving a pair of 1.5 Avant Garde Uno's. I need informed opinions on which speaker cable to buy. Thanks in advance for your help. Merry Christmas, Tim Reed
What type of gear do you have? Describe the Output Posts on your amp(s). What type of sound are you seeking..."slam" or "finesse"? Prostar
The amp is a Pass Aleph 3. I am trying to get the best of both worlds, slam down-below and finesse up-top.
if u are using tubes the nirvana sx hands down even the importer uses it for his demo's
Hello. I use Straight Wire Virtuoso on my Unos. Also since they have a powered subwoofer, a good power cord makes a positive improvement. You did not say how you are wiring these: single, bi or tri? Question... I am familiar with 1.0's and the current 2.0's, what makes yours a 1.5? Thanks. Shoemaker
Ditto Shoemaker's remark: what is a 1.5 Version? Also, are you going to single, bi or tri-wire? The horns are so efficient and do not necessarily create "slap-back" upstream, you should first try single wiring with jumpers (better than the ones that come with the UNOs). Nirvana is excellent. I recently designed a recording studio with DUOs and is currenlty tri-wired as follows: KIMBER SELECT (Silver) on the large horn, NORDOST-SPM REF on the small horn, KIMBER SELECT (Copper) on the Sub. SYNERGISTIC Designer's Ref works well on the Sub. Although the PASS is a great Amp, you may want to try bi-amping with a a Tube Amp up-top (finesse)and a solid state Amp (slam)just for the Sub. Also, you should use high grade Power Cords on the Subs. I have had great experience with PS-AUDIO Lab Cables for the price. I am a dealer for Pro-Audio and custom install applications, let me know if I can help you out with any of the foregoing. Morever, please let me know what you have found that works. Avantgarde is awesome and will be a design option for my clients. Happy Holidays!
Hi Treed, Sorry but a 1.0 with a upgraded sub is still a 1.0 . There are no 1.5s. The current 2.0s come with a 217 or 225 sub and no matter witch sub its still a 2.0. Well the same is true for 1.0s. Also you can upgrade a 217 to a 217 pro, but not to a 225. Now don't get me wrong, a 1.0 with the upgraded sub is a great speaker, I know because I own a pair of same. Enjoy Shoemaker
Prostarsound and Shoemaker, go to the Avantgarde-USA website and click on prices. You will see four versions listed, the 1.5, the 2.0, the 2.1, and the 2.2. BTW, I went with Acoustic Zen Satori bi-wire speaker cables and Acoustic Zen reference interconnects. Outstanding!
Prostarsound, took your advice and ordered two 2A3 SET Amps to use with the Uno's.