Unplugging power cords from amps/ pre amps

This might be a stupid question but when there is a thunderstorm lightning storm I used to unplug my power cords from the outlet but now I can’t do that because of a lot of things in the way to reach my plugs from the outlets. I want to know if it is ok to unplug my amps / pre / cdp from the female end that goes to my equipment and then replugging them back after.  Of course the units are off when unplugging / plugging them back. Ty. 

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Arcing during a disconnect is bad, but AFAIK, does not cause a voltage surge. It does have the potential for leaving carbon deposits which prevent current flow, or heat up and cause a fire. That’s 100% true. I’ve seen it in a bad outlet wiring (my own fault!).

The arcing is proportional to the current flowing at the time the switch or cable is pulled out, or relay disengages. For this reason it’s important to turn off the gear first.

I’m not sure however that it makes much of a difference which end of the cable you pull out, except perhaps that if you pull out the equipment end you risk the chance of the arc damage being on the IEC connector?

Maybe the EMI/RFI noise during the arc can be amplified through the amp, so having it happen further away minimizes the noise?

Not sure lightning will be stopped by a 6mm gap in a breaker. 

IF your system is plugged into separate circuit(s), (as it should be) simply turn the breaker(s) off, back on after storm passes.


There is an extended surge protector thread going on at the misc forum right now, and I mentioned that getting back to my outlets is a b, so what I said I had been doing was tripping the breaker(s) during atmospheric electrical activity (which we are getting a lot of as of late). @jea48 informed me on that thread that a massive surge could easily jump across a tripped breaker. I have started unplugging my stuff during T’storms, even though it is a bit more of a PITA. As a matter of fact, my stuff is unplugged as I am typing this stuff. Activity last night and gray skies today. As I get older my paranoia increases.

@tattooedtrackman that's exactly how I unplug my amps, crossover, and powerstrip every time a storm rolls through (I just did it again, actually).  It's easier for me to do it at the component than at the wall.

Not sure lightning will be stopped by a 6mm gap in a breaker.

A direct lightning strike would not be stopped by unplugging your equipment either. I have seen the aftermath of a direct lightning strike.

Ty everyone. From reading all your replies I think it will be ok to disconnect from the comments ends. I also do have 4 dedicated outlets for my components and to be more on the safe side I will also turn off the 4 dedicated breakers also before disconnecting from the components. I did not even think of that to be honest.