Unscrupulous ebay buyers

Beware if you sell on ebay. I’m probably stating something most already know, but anyhow, I listed a brand new cartridge there which was bought and shipped on time. Buyer receives It, opens it and installs it. He proceeds to play his records. He then messages me that the cartridge has muddy bass and poor channel separation. I advise him to check all alignment parameters, but he insists cartridge is defective, I highly doubt it. I do not accept returns as stated in the listing. He proceeds to pack it up, taking a photo, and states "on the way!"...I again told him that I do not accept returns for a cartridge that is now used...also said that just because you bought something you have never listened to and you are displeased with its sound or performance, does not give him the right to demand I accept a return. I reported him to ebay, as in my opinion he is pulling a fast one. He could very likely have damaged it while installing it. It was brand new pristine condition upon shipping it. I am standing my ground and will not accept a return. If it shows up at my door, too bad. At this point, I can care less if I receive negative feedback, it would be my first. Worse buyer I’ve encountered in 20 years of selling. Man I hate ebay. Honestly, to me it sounds like buyer remorse, not a defective cartridge, plus I am not the manufacturer....he can pound sand.


eBay has deteriorated greatly since it was founded. There is zero seller protection. I don’t care what they say. They do not back it up. I don’t and won’t sell on eBay for that reason and others. I also rarely buy on eBay and certainly never buy audio gear on eBay. I only sell and buy on USAM and Audiogon. Period. 

@icehawks18 thank you...

@tee_dee agreed, not what it used to be for sure.

@tylermunns agree with all you said, most likely he is as stupid as a brick.

“No returns” on eBay does not apply if the buyer claims the item isn’t working or described properly.

‘EBay does not inspect items claimed as such and takes the buyers word.  They will immediately allow the buyer to print a return label charged to you.

Essentially, eBay allows any sale to be voided, the seller gets the item back, the buyer gets all of his money back and the seller pays shipping both ways.  It can happen on virtually any sale on eBay.  Kind of “no harm/no foul” only the seller eats shipping and any damage/misuse/etc. to the item.

If you refuse to accept the cartridge back, the buyer will get the cartridge AND all his money back.  You might even get charged a 3rd time for shipping it back.  That would REALLY piss you off!  Take it back and sell it locally to reduce your loss.

‘Despite all this, for me it is rare to have a buyer do this, but it has happened to me.  That’s just part of selling on eBay.  (It works great if you’re a buyer.)  It can get really expensive for items that cost a lot to ship.  So I am not doing those on eBay.

Got a stylus in today from an eBay purchase. Old stylus for a 1960 Empire 108 (selling for $400+ now!). When I looked at the stylus using a 25x loupe, there was NO tip on the cantilever! Just an empty hole. I took pics. Sent to the seller. He gave me a refund. But I didn’t play it. I inspected it upon receipt and immediately notified the seller. 

A subjective judgement of “I don’t like it” after purchase is not a malfunction, nor “not as described.”

What proof you have?  1. product acquired from manufacturer. sealed box 2. packing video. 3. Your seller positive score for years. Paypal will be biased towards buyer.