Unscrupulous ebay buyers

Beware if you sell on ebay. I’m probably stating something most already know, but anyhow, I listed a brand new cartridge there which was bought and shipped on time. Buyer receives It, opens it and installs it. He proceeds to play his records. He then messages me that the cartridge has muddy bass and poor channel separation. I advise him to check all alignment parameters, but he insists cartridge is defective, I highly doubt it. I do not accept returns as stated in the listing. He proceeds to pack it up, taking a photo, and states "on the way!"...I again told him that I do not accept returns for a cartridge that is now used...also said that just because you bought something you have never listened to and you are displeased with its sound or performance, does not give him the right to demand I accept a return. I reported him to ebay, as in my opinion he is pulling a fast one. He could very likely have damaged it while installing it. It was brand new pristine condition upon shipping it. I am standing my ground and will not accept a return. If it shows up at my door, too bad. At this point, I can care less if I receive negative feedback, it would be my first. Worse buyer I’ve encountered in 20 years of selling. Man I hate ebay. Honestly, to me it sounds like buyer remorse, not a defective cartridge, plus I am not the manufacturer....he can pound sand.


I read what you wrote. There isnt any protection against what happened to you. Think I have at least 30K Feedback on EBAY since 1998...and probably have done at least twice that amount of business on the site since half the people dont leave feedback.  Its the way it is so you have to live with the rules that are in place....fair or not....otherwise choose some other avenue to unload your stuff.  Thats all Im saying.  Ive been screwed over COUNTLESS numbers of times selling Music Industry Gold and Platinum records.  Clowns in Europe expecting 50 year old awards to not have a mark on the frame or plexiglass when they receive them. Then filing complaints and I eat $300 in shipping charges.  I understand your frustration believe me.  BUYERS REMORSE is a Bitch!!!

Ditto what @riaa_award_collectors_on_facebook states.

This is from eBay:

Even if you specify “no returns accepted,” under the eBay Money Back Guarantee, the buyer can still return an item if it doesn’t match the listing description.

@audioguy85 all the buyer has to present to eBay is your cartridge didn't match the description. Buyers like these are very creative and will word their complaint in such a way eBay may likely approve the return. This is based on experience (+1950 transactions there)

I do know this is a fact that if the buyer ask for a return and you don’t grant it within 10 days EBay may suck the funds out of your eBay connected account to force a refund.  You may want to take measures at your eBay connected account by blocking any activity from eBay or close the account.  Sounds like a large value transaction so be proactive with your bank 

Good luck Willy-T

If he sends it back to you your good keep the money and the cart. He's doing it all wrong. He would have to open a case against you and you would have to except the return and provide him with a return shipping label. Once you receive the item you then refund which eBay already has your fees on hold. Been there done that.