Unscrupulous ebay buyers

Beware if you sell on ebay. I’m probably stating something most already know, but anyhow, I listed a brand new cartridge there which was bought and shipped on time. Buyer receives It, opens it and installs it. He proceeds to play his records. He then messages me that the cartridge has muddy bass and poor channel separation. I advise him to check all alignment parameters, but he insists cartridge is defective, I highly doubt it. I do not accept returns as stated in the listing. He proceeds to pack it up, taking a photo, and states "on the way!"...I again told him that I do not accept returns for a cartridge that is now used...also said that just because you bought something you have never listened to and you are displeased with its sound or performance, does not give him the right to demand I accept a return. I reported him to ebay, as in my opinion he is pulling a fast one. He could very likely have damaged it while installing it. It was brand new pristine condition upon shipping it. I am standing my ground and will not accept a return. If it shows up at my door, too bad. At this point, I can care less if I receive negative feedback, it would be my first. Worse buyer I’ve encountered in 20 years of selling. Man I hate ebay. Honestly, to me it sounds like buyer remorse, not a defective cartridge, plus I am not the manufacturer....he can pound sand.



Sorry for the sitch you find yourself in.

You earlier stated that the buyer thought the cartridge "too warm".  My bet is on the SO who "How much did that f'ing cost! @#(*$##@$(@!. And then too warm turned into too HOT.

I know this was of no help to you....just a thought.





I suspect you're correct.  I've never had to personally exercise this option - except in the case where my credit card account was obviously breached.  Of course, this type of fraud (sadly) seems to occur on a more regular basis.

@tony1954 I notice that when I buy used appliance parts on eBay, they are all marked by the seller.  Obviously they have been scammed before where the buyer sends them back their original broken part for a refund.

OP - Boy, if you get back the cartridge, I sure would not send it back to the buyer.  You are headed on a course where you could lose your money and the cartridge.  The system is not under your control, so you can’t force an outcome. Hold on to the cartridge and see how it plays out.  If you arrive at a point where eBay says you are keeping the buyers money, then you can send it back to him.

This guy is very crafty....he left me positive feedback, yet does not say anything positive. He ends his feedback indicating that he sent the item back. He somehow thinks that because he did not leave negative feedback, that this will influence me to refund him his money and accept a return. 

Well, he sent it back, it arrived at my door today. Not sure what to do about it now. Wait and see If ebay deducts money from my account or send it right back, try and re-sell as used, or throw it in trash? He is still not getting a refund if I can help it, as I advised him to Not send it back.