Unusually good power cord for the money?

Looking for a good power cord for a Plinius 8200MII amplifier that I could get new/used for under $200...any
suggestions would be helpful as this is an area I know nothing about.
One of the Sonoran Plateau power cords listed on Audiogon right now (type 'Sonoran' in the Search box).

Star Sound Technology has come out with a new reference power cord for about $850.00 for one meter, so the old reference model (the Plateau) are coming up here as everyone upgrades.


I have replaced my Elrods and Shunyata cables with DCCA cables. Don usually has some demos in your price range and they are fantastic cables. Send him an email ("Virgo_ref" on audiogon). He his a great guy to deal with. Check out other forums for more discussion. I have tried many cables and maybe there are better but not in this price class. For what it's worth, in response to the previous post, I have found differences in power cables to be as apparent as any change to a system.
Learn, Learn, Learn

About conductor material, dielectric materials, shielding materials.

And how these things affect performance based on:

What they are,
how they're laid out (topology)
How they're connected (especially shields)

And if you don't want to learn, you have three choices:

1.) Buy the first thing some Agonner says is best.
2.) Stick with the OEM cord.
3.) Buy the biggest gauge (like 10AWG), unshielded cord, you can find and it will probably do just fine. Why "unshielded"? Because the shield (if it is shielded) might not be connected in the most optimum way, and you'd be in no position to tell; with the result that it could cause more problems than it solves.
The best cord is the one that came w/the component! "A fool and his money are soon parted."