Unusually good power cord for the money?

Looking for a good power cord for a Plinius 8200MII amplifier that I could get new/used for under $200...any
suggestions would be helpful as this is an area I know nothing about.
Foster_9, where did you get your Supra LoRad 2.5 for only $80 ? How can I contact them? THANK YOU
i second the audience power cord..

soundstring is very good also .. also soundstring has a budget pc that is suppose to be very good on digital gear..
Audio Horizons makes an excellent power cord. The "new" price falls in your range. There are more comments about them on AudioReview.com (search for "componentplus").
Yes, buy a 14 gauge power cord with IEC connectors on it at your local hardware store. About 10 bucks and it has about 3 or 4 times the conductivity of regular cordsets.
Spatialking, that's the best suggestion. Now I know why your last thread was canned.