UP-OCC solid core copper for speaker cable

After reading about all these expensive cables and their extravagant claims, I decided to source the same wire that goes into many of them.

I have my monoblocs underneath and therefore close to the speakers. I ordered 8 feet of 14awg UP-OCC wire (with PTFE insulation) online. It is quite springy so I clamped it gently to the bench and cut it into 4 equal lengths. Assembling it into 2 x 24" speaker cables took a few minutes. I kept it running in the same direction, just in case. Be careful to gently slice the insulation and not to scar the copper.

Anyway, the improvement in sound quality was of a high order. Large increases in speed and transparency, more air, better definition of instruments, less coloration, backing voices I never noticed before etc. The improvement in musicality was impressive.

I urge folks to try this before spending lots of money on speaker cables. I don't bother with connectors as I feel they are another item in the way but that's your call. The wire was $6 a foot.

Available here:http://www.partsconnexion.com/wire_hookup_neotech_copper_teflon.html

See a photo of my cable here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6iot28p0weuwytn/up-occ.jpg?dl=0

Depends what length you want, 2 m is 4,200 US, 2.5 m is 4,800 US and if you need bi-wire it's $150 more. that's the manufacturer suggested retail price. and the silver is double that price. but from what I've been told that sounds even better, haven't heard it myself, I have the Sahara which is the rectangular copper and it sounds amazing, better than the round OCC single crystal wire.

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There are no absolutes in Audio, only preferences. I had a home audition of one of the companies speaker cables that uses rectangular copper. The company has been mentioned in this thread. I didn't like it in my system...they weren't as dimensional, detailed, and lacked the bass texture of my current speaker cables. 


yes you tried the one from zenwave, the Neotech reference cables are much better, the Amazon which is the silver rectangular OCC is $9,000 US for 2.5 m and the Sahara which is their copper rectangular OCC wire is 4,800 US and the geometry design is far superior to zenwave that makes a big difference. I have the Sahara speaker wire and interconnects and the grand power cables and they are far superior to all of my round OCC, zenwave is pretty good but you can't beat machine made cables for build quality and geometry design, you can't do that hand building unfortunately.