Up to $4500 burning a hole in my pocket

I recently sold my last 2 sets of speakers. I am redoing my man cave and will take the speaker proceeds to buy a new set for down there. I want to go floorstander this time, something with killer dynamics but still detailed and musical. Whatever has to have great sock you in the gut mid bass.
For amplification I have odyssey stratos extreme with Jolida Fusion Preamp. Also sometimes run Cayin A100T. Have a JL Fathom for the low low end.
The room is about 13x20 10ft ceilings. 
This is a no wife input zone so I will be doing whatever regarding looks of the speakers and room treatments that I want. 
Speakers will go on the short wall. 
There is a local guy selling Klipsch Chorus 2 with upgraded Crites crossovers and tweeter I want to take a look at. These seem to hold their value decently and I could probably break even if I sell them. Not sure I will like them but the retro look is kinda cool and I am sure they go loud but need to be somewhat refined ans detailed as well.
Only other contender so far is really the Tekton Double Impact. These really intrigue me as to if they really are as good as some say. No dealers so demo is out and I would rather buy used and these are too new for that. Only other floorstander I have owned for a while is the GE Triton 1. While very nice I want to try something different. Any suggestions on what else I should be looking at and my current candidates?

Check out the Wilson Witt Series II on the bay I could make you a good deal on. I need zip for shipping.
Check out the Wilson Witt Series II on the bay I could make you a good deal on. 

I'm kind of on a budget. Is there a Wilson Half Witt available?

For $4500 a Vandersteen unless a model 5 should not be a consideration. The 3A would be a downgrade IMO from a GE Triton One. Consider a KEF 205/2, $4500 might not be enough but desperate sellers exit! Except for the bottom octave the 205/2 is near reference level. In the future you could consider a subwoofer but it better be refetence level to blend with the superb mid/treble of the 205/2. With a modest footprint and easy placement this speaker is a no brainer!