Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)

Ok GAE owners, now you can sell your turntables, because upcoming Technics 100th Anniversary model will be a new version of the reference SP-10mk3 and they call it SP-10R. Finally!


"Berlin, Germany (30 August 2017) – Technics has today announced the launch of the Reference Class SP-10R, its most premium analogue, direct drive turntable to date, which is anticipated to hit the market in early summer 2018. The news comes as Technics unveils a prototype of the new, cutting-edge turntable with the world’s top-level* S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio and rotational stability for the first time at this year’s IFA."

"Reference Class Turntable Promising Outstanding Results

The SP-10R features a brand new, coreless direct drive motor which, in addition to the two-sided rotor drive system that was used in the SL-1200G, boasts stator coils on both sides of the rotor, for a more powerful and accurate sound."

"The heavy platter features a three-layer structure consisting of brass, aluminum die-cast and deadening rubber, just like the platter of the SL-1200G. By optimising the natural frequency of each layer, external vibrations are thoroughly suppressed resulting in a beautifully clear and crisp audio experience."

"The SP-10R also features a new ultra-low-noise switching power supply, which, compared to a power supply unit using a transformer, is better at suppressing unwanted humming sounds and vibrations. The power supply unit is separate from the main turntable, preventing unwelcome noise from being transmitted to the turntable unit, for a sharper and clearer sound."






P.S. Should we expect $15 000 or more ? And the new plinth comin soon?

Power supply looks funny, but the design of the drive is great, i think we should wait for the new version of the EPA-100 soon. Good news the GAE was not the last turntable !!!

audiofun,  No, I do agree with you from a purist point of view, but I also believe that it is possible to implement an SMPS that doesn't pollute the signal (e.g., Berning products) and that in a turntable, an SMPS is not much in the signal path.  However, in the context of "cheap" products, where the cost does not permit much to be spent on the PS, I would also be leery of an SMPS.

Have you guys read Fremer's "preliminary" impressions of the 1000R, in the context of his blog?  Pret-ty, pret-ty impressive.
Nah, my mk3 NGS sounds far far beyond what a mk3 in the original housing sounds like. The 10R is nice and Fremer sure seemed to like the player. I'm good with my GAE and MK3. I thought I might buy the 10R when it was announced but I honestly don't need 3 TT's.
here is the video of this monster with multiply tonearms

and this is another video from agalog planet

Reed 3p "12 would be a great match to this deck, the stock arm looks too cheap for such expensive turntable, still hard to get rid of the SL1200mk2 memories when i look at this tonearm :(