Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)

Ok GAE owners, now you can sell your turntables, because upcoming Technics 100th Anniversary model will be a new version of the reference SP-10mk3 and they call it SP-10R. Finally!


"Berlin, Germany (30 August 2017) – Technics has today announced the launch of the Reference Class SP-10R, its most premium analogue, direct drive turntable to date, which is anticipated to hit the market in early summer 2018. The news comes as Technics unveils a prototype of the new, cutting-edge turntable with the world’s top-level* S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio and rotational stability for the first time at this year’s IFA."

"Reference Class Turntable Promising Outstanding Results

The SP-10R features a brand new, coreless direct drive motor which, in addition to the two-sided rotor drive system that was used in the SL-1200G, boasts stator coils on both sides of the rotor, for a more powerful and accurate sound."

"The heavy platter features a three-layer structure consisting of brass, aluminum die-cast and deadening rubber, just like the platter of the SL-1200G. By optimising the natural frequency of each layer, external vibrations are thoroughly suppressed resulting in a beautifully clear and crisp audio experience."

"The SP-10R also features a new ultra-low-noise switching power supply, which, compared to a power supply unit using a transformer, is better at suppressing unwanted humming sounds and vibrations. The power supply unit is separate from the main turntable, preventing unwelcome noise from being transmitted to the turntable unit, for a sharper and clearer sound."






P.S. Should we expect $15 000 or more ? And the new plinth comin soon?

Power supply looks funny, but the design of the drive is great, i think we should wait for the new version of the EPA-100 soon. Good news the GAE was not the last turntable !!!

Now when we have G and GR available worldwide i'd like to get back to the comparison between these models. The GR is more than affordable, damn, i even start thinking myself about it, but only if i will sell my fully modded/upgraded pair of the old SL1210 mkII.

Anyway, someone commented that the different between the G and GR is not huge, which makes GR a better choice for the money ($1700-1800 in USA?). Would be nice if people who tried both can comment.  

Here is all info about G

And everything about SL1200GR (black version is SL1210GR): 

Good news:
Brand new plinth for Technis SP-10R will be released in the summer 2018 by Acoustand (UK). This one is much nicer than previous plinth from acoustand.

The price is £1599.99

Soon To Be Released Is Acoustands New Delrinium Plinth For The New Technics SP-10R And Older SP-10 Mk2 And Mk3 Turntables.

5 Layer Massive Construction Premium Plinth With 25mm Solid Aluminium Top Layer, 35mm Middle Delrin Layer And 25mm Solid Billet Alloy Bottom Layer Specially Designed With Sound Deadening Traps, Solid Billet Alloy Arm Boards And Heavy Grade Large Billet Alloy Feet Amongst Other Features Yet To Be Announced.

The Different Materials Are Used In Specific Areas To Elimate And Absorb Resonance. We Use Alloys Mostly In The Construction As It Has Great Acoustic Qualities And Any Internal Resonances Are Unheard By Human Ears. Every Separate Part Of The Plinth Is Rigidly Connected To Allow Resonances That Are Wanted And Unwanted To Be Dispersed Equally And Effectively.

The Plinth Will Be Supplied With One Armboard And When Ordering Please Let Us Know What Tonearm/S You Wish To Use.

Spare Arm Boards Are Available From The Drop Down Menu, If Your Tonearm Type Is Not Listed Then Choose "Custom" From The Drop Down Menu And Tell Us Which Type Tonearm You Would Like It To Be Cut For In The Comments Box On The Order Form.

Weight Of Plinth Approx 60lb

Find more: https://www.acoustand.co.uk/collections/acoustand-technics-sp10-series-plinths/products/acoustand-te...

The Technics SL-1000R is finally in our store...Who's the lucky one ? Call us