Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)

Ok GAE owners, now you can sell your turntables, because upcoming Technics 100th Anniversary model will be a new version of the reference SP-10mk3 and they call it SP-10R. Finally!


"Berlin, Germany (30 August 2017) – Technics has today announced the launch of the Reference Class SP-10R, its most premium analogue, direct drive turntable to date, which is anticipated to hit the market in early summer 2018. The news comes as Technics unveils a prototype of the new, cutting-edge turntable with the world’s top-level* S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio and rotational stability for the first time at this year’s IFA."

"Reference Class Turntable Promising Outstanding Results

The SP-10R features a brand new, coreless direct drive motor which, in addition to the two-sided rotor drive system that was used in the SL-1200G, boasts stator coils on both sides of the rotor, for a more powerful and accurate sound."

"The heavy platter features a three-layer structure consisting of brass, aluminum die-cast and deadening rubber, just like the platter of the SL-1200G. By optimising the natural frequency of each layer, external vibrations are thoroughly suppressed resulting in a beautifully clear and crisp audio experience."

"The SP-10R also features a new ultra-low-noise switching power supply, which, compared to a power supply unit using a transformer, is better at suppressing unwanted humming sounds and vibrations. The power supply unit is separate from the main turntable, preventing unwelcome noise from being transmitted to the turntable unit, for a sharper and clearer sound."






P.S. Should we expect $15 000 or more ? And the new plinth comin soon?

Power supply looks funny, but the design of the drive is great, i think we should wait for the new version of the EPA-100 soon. Good news the GAE was not the last turntable !!!

@totem395 why not share the link so we could read about it ?

Our man Pani prefered SP-10mkII over the SL1200G (upgraded).

Now you said JP prefered old Technics over the SP10R ?
I’d like to read his comment about Victor TT-101 versus SP10R

People are raving about SL1200G and even about GR, because most of them never tried/used Technics turntables before. Each day we can read post how good is the SL1200G, but i start thinking that people never experienced the oustanding build quality of Technics (made in japan) and the power of Direct Drive. I am a bit sceptical as i’ve been using Technics tunrtables for 22 years and got bored of the signature design of all SL models (old and new).

As far as i know it’s still impossible to find a proper review of the fully upgraded/tweaked old SL1210mkII and SL1200G or GR.

I have heard a technics 1200, the 1200g is definitely better the 1200gr is very good and is better to these ears.  I have not heard an older sp-10 but know people who have and they did say they were absolutely amazing tables so you could be right about the older reference technics. I had a technics 1200 and gave it to a friend.  it was good, it did not perform like the 1200G.  I would say the biggest thing that is coming into play here is run in time.  There is something about some of the newer products coming out these days that seem to take forever to run in.  My sacd player took almost a year before it started to sound right.   the 1200G was similar as it took a very long time to run in and I am fairly certain its not done yet.  the older sp-10s have been spinning for years and have an edge in that department.  I still would believe that there is something to be said for them.  i am sure they are amazing.
One thing I would say is the newer tables are a hell of a lot quieter than the older 1200's thats for sure
We just received stock on the SL-1000 tables ! Wow ! Waiting on our HRS M3X platform arriving soon.