Update from Nordost Heimdall to Frey speaker cable

I am thinking of upgrading my speaker cables from Heimdall to Frey. I would like to hear from people who made the switch about if they found the upgrade worth it? What made the biggest difference etc etc? 
Thanks for your indulgence to my question. 


What sound characteristics are you looking to change ?  Do you think you are missing something?  I ask because I've found significant impact from power cords and I didn't expect it. 

@overthemoon I have already changed the power cords and you are right, they made a difference for the better. Now it’s time for speaker cable. I want to hear better sound, image, 3D sound etc. 

I am also in the Nordost ecosystem. I suspect you’ll hear an improvement. Depending on the rest of your system, you might be completely satisfied or be tempted to go further up the chain. Regardless, Frey is noticeably better than Heimdahl.  

As i went up through their levels, I enjoyed more openness/soundstage, more detail and a more natural presentation. As in all things audio, an audition in your system is a must to make sure they do what you hope they do. 

Lastly, I would note not only is system pairing important (hence the audition), but Nordost does seem to do better as a loom. I was highly skeptical of this when my dealer suggested it (skeptic understates it - I dismissed it). But he had me try it. Yep, other cables didn’t work as well as the Nordosts and I now have an all Valhalla 2 (and one Odin 1) loom. I had auditioned AQ and Transparent but liked Nordost best. For me and my system. Of course, YMMV.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

I’m also looking to try Frey 2 speaker cables and will be following this thread. 

@mgrif104  I do have Nordost Tyr IC for my system but use Audioquest Hurricane and Blizzard power cords. Hoping to get more out of it. Maybe I will go for Tyr speaker cable but I will see. Thanks for the reply.