Update from Nordost Heimdall to Frey speaker cable

I am thinking of upgrading my speaker cables from Heimdall to Frey. I would like to hear from people who made the switch about if they found the upgrade worth it? What made the biggest difference etc etc? 
Thanks for your indulgence to my question. 


I don’t own Nordstrom yet have heard a full loom with the DAC, pre and amp of my system and it shocked me on the dynamics and clarity. 

I bring this up because their philosophy on all cables. 

All that as context - I think there’s a difference. Is the ROI worth it is the question. 

Enjoy your journey and share your experience!

I initially started with HEIMDALL in a prior system on the belief that it was the NORDOST model “sweet spot”, and then drank the KoolAid for an upgrade to a full FREY cables loom


IMO that experience in audio improvements moving up from the HEIMDALL to the FREY are as follows:

(a) Firstly, the audio performance uptick was slight / small incremental in general, but certainly not any Jesus moment …. and in hindsight, simply not worth the added cash outlay.

(b) if I was still married to NORDOST cables in my system and somehow looking for a meaningful performance upgrade, I would go straight up to the VALHALLA ….and just skip everything in the middle cable models..There is a good reason why NORDOST VALHALLA and CARDAS CLEAR are the two largest cable options selected by the exhibitors at the audio expos.

(c) Without prejudice to (b) above, the main audio improvements from HEIMDALL to FREY were only gleaned by going the full Monty as a cradle-to-grave full loom upgrade ( ALL of IC, speaker, & power…) to an entire matched NORDOST model full loom .For example, If you think that upgrading just the current HEIMDALL speaker cables in isolation will favourably stir your drink, you may be disappointed.

(D) Further, any NORDOST cable upgrades are entirely VERY system dependent … more so than many other premium brands . You might see audio performance changes but be prepared that they may not be for the better. For example, when I upgraded to new HARBETH speakers, my full current FREY loom carry- forward frankly now sucked, and sounded very “edgy”. and “brittle” and fatiguing at a minimum . A full FREY loom change was undertaken to a full CARDAS CLEAR loom as a necessary upgrade with improvements that were not insignificant.

Choose wisely.

PS  NOTDOST  V2 cables versus the prior V1 models

My personal take , the prior V1 is 95% of the performance quotient of the V2 at a fraction of the price. There are similar personal experiences posted in different audio forums that comment in like manner on this. 

@akg_ca +1

Cables are so very system dependent, an extended audition in home is necessary. It just can’t be accomplished at the dealer.

That said, I did make an initial determination between Transparent, AQ and Nordost at the dealer to determine the “house” sound of each brand. It helped that the dealer carries my speaker (though not my electronics.)

What i wasn’t able to do unfortunately, was audition the reference level of the three brands, or anything beyond what my local dealer carried.

So, I’ll always have to wonder if I’d prefer reference level Transparent or AQ.  Fortunately, I’ve lost my appetite for that comparison as I’ve told myself Valhalla 2s should be end game. 

To @couger4u don’t let us discourage you from exploring Frey or Tyr II speaker cables. They are certainly very good and may indeed provide the results you hope for. Yes, there is always more, but it is certainly a diminishing returns game. Just be aware that if you don’t necessarily like them, it may be that it’s not the speaker cable you actually dislike. I could be that it is just potentially revealing other choke points in your system. Hence, the fun and/or frustrating part of this hobby.

I hope you come back to this thread to let us know how it’s going.



I compared Tyr to Tyr 2 XLR cables. Tyr is a fast and detailed sounding interconnect but can sound slightly thin. Tyr 2 maintains all the best qualities of the original but is rounder, more organic and has better definition in the low end.
I now have two Tyr 2 XLRs - DAC to preamp and preamp to amps.
I had AQ power cables  - Tornado and Hurricane. I now use Frey 2 on streamer and DAC and Heimdall 2 on preamp. Much prefer these to pretty much anything I had in the past.

I’m currently using Audience AU24SX speaker cables but am curious to try Frey 2. Have been looking for a used set with spades (my speakers don’t eat bananas) and no luck so far. 

You'll hear a difference because you expect to hear a difference but there really isn't any difference (except an even more exorbitant price).