Update III on the cable shoot-out

I just took the Pure Note Audio interconnects and the Ensemble interconnects off the Audiodharma cable cooker and here is where I stand:
Valhalla is still the leader.
But both, the Ensemble and Epsilon have greatly improved on the cable cooker and in my personal opinion getting pretty close to the Valhalla now. Both cables have a full bodied sound with good resolution. The Ensemble is a bit better in the midrange and bass, whereas the Pure Note is lacking the tight bass of the Ensemble to a certain degree, but shines in the upper range of the treble. It is a pleasure to listen to a Piano with the Pure Note Audio i/c.
If money is no concern, then go with the Valhalla, but if this is a bit of a concern, then both, the Pure Note Audio and the Ensemble are very good i/c to replace the Valhalla and one would have to listen very carefully to decide which cable to prefer: Ensemble with better bass, or Pure Note with better treble.
Valhalla i/c=100%; Pure Note i/c 85% to 90%; Ensemble i/c=85%
So it's a tough call. I am very curious how the obscene expensive Siltech will compete against the Valhalla.
Tekunda, very interesting and valuable info from first-hand experience. While others' mileage may vary, your posts offer a great benchmark. Pls keep this up!
The cable cooker is sold by:

It seems to work for me very well, but as Gregm said: the milage can worry. I heard that Jena labs have an Audiodharma cable cooker, since it makes sense to put your cables on the cooker on a regular base, especially when you havenn't used you system for a while, e.g. when coming back from a holiday. Even Nordost recommends this!