Update on Audiogon Member Almarg

I have some very sad news and information to share.

Al ( @almarg ), through his wife Margaret, asked me to post the following...

{"The attached letter to you was dictated at his bedside to me earlier today. I hope I got his words down precisely as he desired."}

"Unfortunately Al has an extremely aggressive form of Mantle Cell Lymphoma coupled with a mutation of gene TP53 (known as tumor suppressor gene). He has received outstanding advanced treatment with the latest and greatest chemo drugs at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale in New Haven. Unfortunately it appears that he only has a few weeks to live.

Please feel free to post a substantive update [on Audiogon]. He has not been able to do that because of his condition. Please indicate that he has enjoyed solving problems, researching others,’ and learning a good deal himself while developing his answers.

He and I wish everyone all the best of health and success in audio endeavors, in that order.

Al [and Margaret]

September 9, 2020"

I will post my very personal response tomorrow.
A guy whose seemingly endless knowledge is matched by his gracious demeanor...I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to read his writings.
It's always saddening news to receive and contemplate when one of the esteemed participants of AG is 'logging off' for the last time...

Obviously, Al has been a major influence and a source of reasoned advice, commentary, and information.  He leaves a large group of admirers and friends behind in his wake, and will be missed by us all.

Sleep well, Al.  Know that we can't replace you, we can only miss your prescence in our midst.

We are soon diminished, y'all.😢
Very sad to read about this. Al has been a source of wisdom and sage advice, and I warmly thought of him as the Audiogon "dad", a go to kind of guy who never yells, but always instructs.  He will be greatly missed. I will pray for Al, his wife, and family.

Sad news, indeed. Always the gentleman. Always good advice. May the Lord be with you Al. You will be missed.

My heart goes out to Al and Margaret and their family. Al has always been kind and civil in discourse, generous and wise in advice, patient with those starting out or still learning. A good man.