Update on good Ethernet switch

ASI mentioned before I didnot want to say the brand until I heard the Ethernet switch not only after 300 hours which was recommended having a OX over controlled clock , 

and with what myself always do the weak link on any audio component starts with the stock power cord , for minimal monies the Pangea using Cardas grade 1 copper 6-9s. Awg14 sig,Mk2 , and getting rid of the 50 cent bottle neck fuse I put in a 1.25amp 20mm L ,slow blow synergistic purple fuse  these increase fidelity at least 5-7% the switch itself At least 5%  if you know the name Jays audio for transports ,his other company LHY Audio  the SW8 Ethernet switch for   $595 nothing has all this in a nice machined aluminum case , even the uptone ether regen or Sonore deluxe  using a with fiber optic which btw lessens the realism imo both were used witha Sbooster2 LPS , ,theSW8 Ethernet switch  is a great buy ,and if you add a decent power cord  and upgrade the fuse you  will be rewarded further , 7 of us reviewed this and 6 out of 7 thought it was a noticeable improvement vs the others  there were2 other brands which were more ,that were not even that good and had switch mode pS



@tonywinga @carlsbad2  Thanks for the information. I apparently wasn’t clear in my question.  ALL of my audio system connections are hard-wired.  The network dedicated backbone, i.e., router to router only, is a 5 GHz high bandwidth wireless connection.  The audio streamer/server is connected by Ethernet to a router.

 I can’t use Ethernet for the router to router connection due to the house design without incurring an unacceptable cost.

 I have a separate home theater system with an Apple TV 4K.  I’ve tried both Ethernet and wireless connections and prefer Ethernet because I get zero dropouts on 4K Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos sound movies.

‘I’ve never had a dropout or glitch in the separate audio system music streaming.  I’m just looking for best sound possible.  

If any of you guys maybe considering this SW-8 Ethernet switch contact me and see the size picture-difference between a netgear switch 4 lbs vs 8 Oz .and any other info .

I just upgraded the power cord  the synergistic fuse I already have in my 12v LPS to my Motorola  8702 modem- router which is a nice Sonic upgrade vs the stock wall wart.but This new switch with power cord and much less $$ Hifi tuning supreme fuse which I already had a 1.25 amp slow blow  fuse  well worth the purchase and iowned several Audiophile switches 


Please save your breath.  I understand your frustration.  I have also worked with networking 20+ years and you are trying to teach calculus to crocodiles here.

Save your breath.

I only visit this site to have a good laugh these days and that is all.



Oh, another sun starved worker from the IT Crowd here to mock us.  

Do you guys ever do work or just entertain yourselves with these forums all day?

I recall an IT worker around 1990 at work who liked to play DOOM.  With a keystroke his screen would jump back to DOS.

You know, I was an Engineering Manager for many years. The four letters that caused me the most headaches were HR and IT. HR, well I won’t go there but IT had two favorite phrases: "We can’t" and "You can’t". They have developed a culture of oppression in the corporate world and so it should be no surprise that they would migrate to these forums to spread their oppressive culture.

I retired and still can't get away from them.  

PS.  My home network is great and reliable.  What was all the fuss about at work?