Upgrade DAC recommendation

My systems consist of:
McIntosh 601 Monoblocks 
McIntosh C47 Pre Amp
Martin Logan Renaissance 15A Speakers
 Node2 DAC

I’m  bypassing the DAC in my Node2 and using the DAC in my McIntosh C47 My sound is good but I think I’m missing something  and believe the sound can be tremendously better if I upgrade my Node 2 for a better DAC. I’m willing to spend up to $5k on a new DAC
 Based on my system components, can you suggest a Better DAC that will take my sound Up to new levels

 need lots of help


I’m using tributaries 8 reference grade cables. Everywhere Do you think moving from Node 2 to a Lumin or Auralic will make that much of a

Which is a difference of $4k more cost of the Node 2
Given your price range and system, you could look at a Chord Hugo TT2.  Nice DAC that has filters which give you a little flex in terms of sound profile.  

Alternatively, the PS Audio DSD is a nice unit that could be down in your price range with a trade to PS Audio.  They are super flexible in what they are willing to accept. 

Rockna Wavelight would be another good alternative and is on budget without any issue.  Rockna makes some brilliant products.  

Any of these three should be better than the DAC in your pre.  

That being said, a lot of folks would say upgrading your streamer will do more than upgrading your DAC.  It sounds odd but makes more of a difference than you would think.  Check out Lumin as they make some great streamers.   

Full disclosure, I am a Chord Dealer and have access to a few other brands.
I saw a huge upgrade when I switched from the C47 to an ARC Ref 6. I’d recommend looking there as well as the DAC. There a lot of great preamps ans DACs out there. 
I have a mac c2600, been using the internal dac streaming from a bluesound node 2i. Also occassionally listen to the node 2i dac analogue outputs. I thought it couldn't get much better. Then I got the bug and started auditioning some dacs. Chord hugo tt2, base model dcs, and bricasti m3. Settled on the bricasti, much improvement over the mac dac and node 2i. Everything you're looking for. I'll probably sell the nose 2i soon if anybody is interested. Chord and dcs sounded very good but I thought the m3 to my ears was better. The review from 'teajay' from I think 'stereo times' was accurate.
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