Upgrade DAC recommendation

My systems consist of:
McIntosh 601 Monoblocks 
McIntosh C47 Pre Amp
Martin Logan Renaissance 15A Speakers
 Node2 DAC

I’m  bypassing the DAC in my Node2 and using the DAC in my McIntosh C47 My sound is good but I think I’m missing something  and believe the sound can be tremendously better if I upgrade my Node 2 for a better DAC. I’m willing to spend up to $5k on a new DAC
 Based on my system components, can you suggest a Better DAC that will take my sound Up to new levels

 need lots of help


In April I went from a node 2 to a Mytek Manhattan II DAC w/ network card. This produced an orders of magnitude increase is SQ. I was right where you are now feeling that the SQ from the node 2 was very satisfying but it seemed to me that I wasn’t getting upper midrange clarity during intense passages. But when I got the new DAC the improvement was across the board - yes the upper midrange became much more defined and detailed but so did the top and especially the bottom. It was really very intense. I learned lyrics I’d been listening to for 40 years (think REM), I started counting the number of backing vocalists and identifying their sex. Didn’t realize digital could be this good. 
I also have had a very good experience with Mytek (I bought direct, not through a dealer). At the time they had a special going on - $300 off the DAC plus a free network card. I had been planning to use node 2 as a streamer and did for about a week but found I liked the network card in the Manhattan better - but not by a lot as the main improvement was clearly from DAC. 
I have posted several times about this DAC upgrade and have been waiting to be accused of working for Mytek.  I have no financial relationship with them other than the $5700 I sent them for the DAC. But my main point is that at your price point, regardless of what DAC you pick, you can expect an amazing leap in digital SQ over your current rig. 
I’ll be interested to hear what you decide to do and what your results are. 
Before you buy a new DAC, turn off the Audio clock trim in the node 2 audio options.  This improved the sound quality for my external Denafrips Ares II DAC.
The best one’s in your system is Metronome technologie C6 or C8 or Ear (Tim de Paravicini). But first of all, you have to listen to this. These 2 dac’s gonna give you more “life”, 3D in your music. McIntosh is (for me) to cool and to flat. You need “the feelings” in your music.
I would like to recommend Denafrips Terminator R2R DAC. The price is within your budget. I have ordered one and will be receiving it next week. You may read the reviews online and watch the videos by credible reviewers on YouTube for this DAC. 
My 2 cents, check out the Sonnet Morpheus DAC.
Excellent DAC and well under your price cap.