Upgrade decision, power conditioner or music server

I am an old audiophile starting my journey in the 70s. I have been a member since 2010 but this is my first post and ask. However, I have enjoyed your back and fourth for years in the weekly review email and I learned from the experience.  I recently changed some of my account parameters and for some reason my account says member from '23.  I am currently building my end-game system within my economic means for retirement.,  Most of the system was purchased pre-owned.  

The room and shelving look worst than they are.  A photo is in the virtual systems tab. The living room is 20'x12'X8' and vents to the left to a 12'X14'X8' L-shaped dining room and to the right to hall and stair case to the second floor. I listen on the width about 7' from the speakers.  Frequency response if fairly flat and standing wave reinforcements or cancellations are not evident due to venting.  The WAF set-up is mitigated by diligent vibration control tools. Besides my room and WAF shelving in a wall unit, which cannot change, I see the weakest links in my system as my power conditioners and music server.  The budget is $3K plus anything for trade in which will only be about $400 or less for conditioning or $900 for the server.  I can only do one or the other.  

I am looking for assistance in determining the greatest benefit/investment ratio.  For conditioning upgrades I am looking at a preowned Shunyata Denali or Audience AR T3.  For a server upgrade, I am looking at the Aurender N10.  My system is listed below and described on the virtual systems tab. If you see another weak link that you feel better to upgrade than conditioning or the server, let me know. I look forward to any assistance from the community in making this  decision.  

Vivid Audio Giya G3 Series 1 Speakers, Krell KSA 300s Amplifier, Krell KRC HR Preamplifier, with KPE Phono Board, VPI TNT 3.0 Turntable upgraded with current platter/bearing, JM Memorial 12.5 Tone Arm, Benz Micro Ruby Cartridge with SoundSmity Boron Cantilever and Tip,  Audiolab 8000T Tuner, Wired 4 Sound 10th Anniversary DAC, Aurender N100H Server, Shunyata Hydra 6 Conditioner (Pre and Power Amp), Audience AR2 Conditioner (Digital), WyWires Platinum Power Cords, Interconnects, and USB Cable, Audio Art Statement Bi-Wire Speaker Cable. 

Look forward to your comments.  Yes, you can have your fun grilling me on the WAF setup.  I know it is bad.  Perhaps when my wife retires and if we decide to move out of NY with its insane taxes, real estate cost, and general COL, I will get to have a room designed for my system.  Look forward to your assistance.  



Room with L-dinning room and hall venting actually does not affect frequency response.  Speaker technology makes them not room sensitive.  Depth is reduced by wall units but still perceptible.  My goal is determining best ROI for general sound improvement.  Besides room technology improvements in power conditioning and music server make these current weak links.  I cannot do much with room.  Thanks for your feedback. 

PS Baylinor.  
 I forgot to add speakers are like me at 68…unusual, fat, and funny looking.
Go on the Vivid website to see other angles.  Really an intelligent design.  Also like me in old age. Design of drivers  and cabinet to cancel rear waves, reflection, and vibration for clarity.   No parallel surfaces.  


J Salerno, 

Just to pile-on in favor of the Denali, I'd note that digital continues to improve and change. The Denali will improve the system you have and whatever digital front end you choose. Kind of like getting the foundation in place before choosing the furniture.

(I'm only confident about this because I have a Denali v1 and saw what it did.)

power conditioner should be very first thought in your head ..if you dont have good power you dont have good sound no matter how good the equipment