Upgrade for Magnum Dynalab FT101A

Anyone out there know about upgrades for this unit, and who might make the changes?? Would apprecdiate any leads. Thanks, Maleja
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Hello Maleja,I have the same tuner and have often wondered how much better it could sound with mods.I think theres some upgrades available from Magnum Dynalabs,its been a while since ive visited thier website, Also try a google search,there is some sites devoted to tuners ,,your thread has renewed my interest,ill do some research and let you know if i find anything of interest! Regards,Ray
I have the same tuner. My question is, how often do you listen to FM? If not a lot, why bother with an upgrade (versus upgrading amp/speakers/front end)? Performance, while perhaps not great by an FM junkies' standards, is perfectly acceptable with a decent antenna.

In my case, though I enjoyed it for a while, I haven't used mine in 6 months. Then again, something may be wrong with me.
Hello Wstritt,There are some weeks that i hardly use my tuner,other times it is on for hours day and nite! Im lucky to have 4 very good FM stations that i really enjoy and discover great music that i may not have heard otherwise.Im pretty happy with the way it sounds,but if better sound can be had for a reasonable price with mods,upgrades to my tuner,,,it would be worth it to me!Also thinking of having my DAC modified,and just bought a new cart. for my TT.If it increases my enjoyment of music ,its money well spent !Sometimes im too busy or lazy to change CDs or flip albums. Peace,Ray