Upgrade from Bluesound Node

I currently have a Bluesound Node used as a streamer And a Denafrips Ares II DAC. I stream music from from Amazon. 
My system is Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution and a Vitus MI100 integrated amp. 
I was thinking upgrading the front end of my system since I listen only to streaming music. 
I was considering a PS Audio PerfectWave Direct Stream Jr DAC with a Bridge II streamer. Do you think it is a worthy upgrade? I’m open to suggestions. The simpler the setup the better. I’m also thinking in getting something used, if it’s worth it. 
My room is about 13x17 ft. 

thank you

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if you like the Denafrips you could look higher up their lineup, while you look for a streamer that you like...a streamer where the user interface works for you...

I use a Bluesound 2i and not its DAC as I thought that thing sounded pretty bad immediately. A Schit Bifrost 2/64 does the job and sounds great. I'll try a better streamer someday maybe but this combo works so well I feel no pressing need to change it.