Upgrade from Bluesound Node

I currently have a Bluesound Node used as a streamer And a Denafrips Ares II DAC. I stream music from from Amazon. 
My system is Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution and a Vitus MI100 integrated amp. 
I was thinking upgrading the front end of my system since I listen only to streaming music. 
I was considering a PS Audio PerfectWave Direct Stream Jr DAC with a Bridge II streamer. Do you think it is a worthy upgrade? I’m open to suggestions. The simpler the setup the better. I’m also thinking in getting something used, if it’s worth it. 
My room is about 13x17 ft. 

thank you


Mahler123, I was thinking also in getting Qobuz and Roon for the exact same reason. Thanks for the advice.

My new PS Audio AirLens is a terrific streamer...didn't mention it because it doesn't do Amazon...use with I2S cable into PS Audio DS2 DAC...

@2psyop ​​​​​​

Is there a SQ difference in the 2 PS upgrades you did? There looks to be a big price difference between the PD Creative inboard upgrade and the Pardo external supply. Does one sound better and how big of a difference do you notice between the two? I have 2 Node 2i's in different systems and would love an upgrade on main system. 


You didn’t state which Bluesound Node you have. Apparently, there have been significant improvements with the model upgrades, and even the original was rated Class B by Stereophile. I have the Node 130 and the Ares II, and I think they sound great. I’ve compared a hi-res Qobuz stream to an original vinyl pressing of the same well-recorded rock album, and heard no differences. (If you look at my system, you’ll see I run vintage Classé Audio electronics into updated Apogee Duetta II speakers--a very transparent, revealing system; and although I’m in my sixties, I am a highly trained listener and have been able to discriminate differences between some cables, especially interconnects, AC cables and speaker cables.)

I would suggest that the DAC upgrade might be worth considering, but certainly you should be sure that other issues like your room acoustics aren’t more significant weak links in your system. Also, the BlueOS app let’s you check how strong your wi-fi signal to the Node is--mine is excellent, and that may make a difference, especially if you’re streaming hi-res. If you’re just streaming CD-quality files or worse, that’s a weak link right there. Basic Amazon sound files may be more the problem than your gear.