Upgrade From Clearaudio Satisfy CF to Tracer?

I'm looking for a direct comparison of the Satifsfy CF tonearm and the Tracer tonearm on a Performance DC table. 

I have a Clearaudio Performance DC table with Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm.  I'm about to upgrade my Hana SL cartridge to a Hana ML, and thinking about upgrading the tonearm to the Tracer at the same time.  I've heard good things about the Tracer, but I've not seen a comparison of the Satisfy CF to the Tracer.

Many thanks for your thoughts!

My table is a Clearaudio Performance DC w/Tracer tonearm running a Kiseki Purple Heart, it all sounds pretty fantastic. The simplistic layout of the Tracer just makes sense to the engineer part of my brain. Highly recommended.


Cheers from Oregon!

I have a Clearaudio Performance DC Wood tt with the Tracer tone arm.  With my Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge it is very marvelous.