Upgrade From Clearaudio Satisfy CF to Tracer?

I'm looking for a direct comparison of the Satifsfy CF tonearm and the Tracer tonearm on a Performance DC table. 

I have a Clearaudio Performance DC table with Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm.  I'm about to upgrade my Hana SL cartridge to a Hana ML, and thinking about upgrading the tonearm to the Tracer at the same time.  I've heard good things about the Tracer, but I've not seen a comparison of the Satisfy CF to the Tracer.

Many thanks for your thoughts!

My table is a Clearaudio Performance DC w/Tracer tonearm running a Kiseki Purple Heart, it all sounds pretty fantastic. The simplistic layout of the Tracer just makes sense to the engineer part of my brain. Highly recommended.


Cheers from Oregon!

I have a Clearaudio Performance DC Wood tt with the Tracer tone arm.  With my Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge it is very marvelous.

Thanks guys.  Pulled the trigger on the Tracer and have been very happy.

Awesome! By all accounts they nailed it with the Tracer. That was due, given their bad misfire with the magnetic arm. Thanks for being a cool OP to update us with your results :)