Upgrade from modified Bluesound Node 2i and linear power supply (LPS) ?

I installed the PD Creative power board mod with a MeanWell SMPS. After 120 hours burn-in it really sounds great.  I’m thinking about getting the Sbooster LPS for additional improvements but am curious if anyone found significant improvement from upgrading to the Lumin U1 Mini, perhaps with Sbooster. Or other streamer.

Did you upgrade from a Node 2i power supply board upgrade with a LPS to something else?



if you want to deep-dive into linear power supplies for dacs, here is more info than you may want... 😁

my three comments on this reviewer - 1) i think his listening is often enhanced with thc, 2) he doesn’t do unsighted/blind testing, 3) his use of the rme adi2 as a test sub vehicle is a real weakness especially as he claims some of the lps portray a ’flat’ soundstage

nonetheless here is a lot of grist for the mill

Save yourself time and money buy a Stack Link 2. Brilliant streamer with its own LPS. Better than a Lumin Mini at lower cost with LPS power supply.

I upgrades from an NAD (bluesound) to dCS network Bridge.  These out of production now but used ones can be great value. My improvement was phenomenal.

Best wishes

Wow! I really appreciate everyone’s input!  I’m planning to purchase another Sbooster for the BS Node 2i. The first one is on the Qutest. I think I’ll wait for the chip shortage to sort itself prior to moving to another streamer platform. Plus I want to hear the improvement a LPS can do for the board upgrade modification. 

Sbooster installed on Node 2i. Used a long-unused Shunyata Copperhead power cable for it. I expect a 100 hr burn-in required for the Sbooster and more for the Copperhead but I’m pleasantly surprised at how good it sounds after two hours! It’s already better than the Mean-Well SMPS.   I wish had done this sooner.

For anyone who cares, use the yellow tip pin adapter #1 from the Sbooster connection kit if you installed the PD Creative power board modification. The black tip appears to fit but is actually quite loose compared to the proper tip.

Again, thank you to all of you!  This is a great forum!