Upgrade integrated within the $600 - 1k Range

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to upgrade from an NAD C316BEE. It’s a really great amp that I got for a song...but would like something with a more balanced presentation, detail and nuance. I’m running from a Digi Allo One to Schiit Modi Uber to the NAD then to Tekton Lore’s. Running very decent cables, mostly ZU Audio. 

Im currently considering Rega Brio, Music Fidelity M2Si,  Audiolab 6000A.  Others in the mix as well,  but these thre seem to stand out as good features and strongly rated sonics based on reviews. 

Has anyone here heard these or could recommend one over another based on my equipment? 

Hoping to ger out to some shops to audition anything they might have. And hope I don’t offend anyone here with my relatively low/muffin request here :)

Thanks ahead!

Vincent Audio makes a Tube Hybrid integrated, the SV500, which sells for just under $1000.  Sold by Audio Advisor. 4 analog inputs, Coax and optical digital inputs (said to be specifically for CD playback). You might wish to look into it.

I once owned the Vincent SV-226 that I wish I never sold. It was a very smooth sounding amp with great soundstage.


I’ve seen that one. Your impressions on it only validates my curiosity on it as well. I guess I’m torn between solid state or hybrid at this point. Am still leaning in the direction of consistent solid state, as my system also serves as the tv room. 
But a nice hybrid with only a couple of tubes might still be a decent compromise. Or a solid state pre-out into a tube amp to move cables over for dedicated listening days (whenever that might actually occur!).
+1 for Vincent also would look at the Denon pma 800ne and the new Integrated's from Iota. There is a newly listed Hegel H80 on here within your budget which is a solid performer if looking to buy used.
@riccitone, just curious, what did you end up replacing your NAD c316bee with? 

Long time since this discussion! But I appreciate your asking. I ended up with that Creek Evolution 50A that I was considering at that time. Seller gave me a great deal on it, and it was absolutely pristine.
I still have it and love it, and have changed speakers to Totem Arros. They work much better with our small living room, and I feel are more refined and flexible overall.
Running a cool and cheap Airist audio R2r dac with everything...totally under reported and great sounding dac. Just wish it were balanced to go with the balanced input option on that Creek. Sorry, more info than you asked, but digging the setup (so far).