Upgrade LP12 or buy new VPI?

I have an LP12 that I have owned for 10+ years. It is the basic model. I am getting back into analog and was wondering should I upgrade my LP12 or just buy a new table? I have a friend who has suggested the VPI Super Scoutmaster so that is at the top of my list. So if you guys/gals where in my dilemma what would you do?

1. Upgrade LP12?
2. Buy VPI SSM?
3. Buy VPI TNT 6?

I will be paring the player with an Aesthetix Rhea Phono. Cartridge is to be determined as well.

Bryan for what it's worth I had a Linn like yours. LP12 no Cirkus but just Basik Plus arm Adikt. I went to a VPI Scout after all I read. Bought the Scout was at first astonished at the quiet background but after a few weeks I was finding I did not want to listen to vinyl anymore. So packed up the Scout and bought a another/better Linn. If you are happy and have liked the Linn for all these years think about it first. Your Linn is long neglected (at least 25 years out of date) with massive upgrades since yours! There is Ekos I and II and now Ekos SE. Not to mention the short lived Ittok LVIII. There is Cirkus, Lingo I and II. There is Keel now as well. In all total you are miles from current. VPI sexy and dead in my opinion. Current Linn LP12 won in Europe for highend audio product of the year. So long live the LP12 far from dead. Maybe yours is dated but like you I owned my first for 9 years and loved it I was bored (and I am not saying it was bad just did nothing for me) with VPI in 4 weeks. No PRaT! Linn so famous for.