Upgrade my Theta or move on?

Need advice on which seems smarter at this point.I currently own a casablanca 1(basic DACS)and am thinking of either upgrading to CAS 3 or looking at the anthem 30 or the EAD.Upgrade on the CAS is mighty steep!Would like to keep cost below 4K.Can upgrade to the 3 for 3K but to get the better DACS (extreme dacs) it's 3K more. Any idea's?I listen to 60% music,40%HT.Thanks
MY System
aragon amps-3002&3005
Mirage speakers(3si)fronts,Mccsi-center,OMR2-rears&BPSS210 Sub
Pioneer elite59 DVD
Cardas cables
Might also consider another world class DAC ... Audio Logic 24MXL ... $4K I think
Just curious, since the 3002 is only a two channel what is the purpose of 500w? I cannot imagine what kind of speaker load you could be dealing with.
The CAS III is amazing and so are the extreme's which will kill everything else mentioned. The volumen control is extremely transparent. I have an earlier EAD signature and it is extremely musical for 2 channel but it is still a better 2 channel than the current EAD which is better for multichannel. I'm not sure if the anthem would be a lateral move. you could just move up to superior DAC's and buy a better transport! that might be a better compromise.

The only other one I would seriously consider is the new Meridian line!

Didactically- The Mirage 3si's require a ton of juice to control and play them for Hometheater SPL's. Plus can you ever have too much?
Thanks Cytocycle.Boy i can't beleive you hit on two of my top choices.I love the new Meridan line,(heard the GO8 thur a CAS3)last night with superior DAC'S.Sounded SWEET!Listened to some arcam's as transports but was disappointed after hearing the Meridans.Any idea's for a transport not as much $ as the Meridan.Yes the Mirage's suck up that power!!!Liked the G98 for a DVD transport but also a little steep.Kevin