Upgrade old LP12 or buy a new table??

Hello everyone. I have a 20 year old LP12 that I bought when I was in college. My current LP12 consist of Ittok LVII arm, Trampolin base, and Cirkus bearing. It needs work as the motor is out of alignment as well as the usual wear. I'm sure I need a new cartridge as well. My question is should I get this table bought up to current or just buy a new table. I have heard great things about the VPI Super Scout Master Signature. I have been out of analog for a bit but have the desire to spin some LPs again.
Depends how much an upgrade would cost compared to how much you can afford and want to spend.

The LP12 was a fine turntable in its day but designs have moved on a lot since it was first created and it can be improved upon. If you've been out of vinyl for a while why not have some fun and go and audition a few alternatives.
As I sure you know auditioning turntables is not an easy thing to do these days. I have heard some and so far the VPI Super Scout sounds quite nice. My target range is about 5K.
If you buy a (Super) Scout (Master) (Signature) you're stuck with the JMW-9 tonearm.

You can buy much more performance for $5K if you take your time and plan wisely.
You have a very capable performer.

For 5K I think you stick with what you have since you need a new cartridge anyway. Do some research on reputable Linn experts and get your table brought up to snuff with part of your funds. Then spend the rest on a great cartridge.

There is no way you can spend the 5K on a new table + new arm + new cartridge and beat what I suggested.