Upgrade Primare CD31 to ??? SACD Player

I am currently looking to upgrade my system to include a SACD player, and I'm having trouble deciding how to proceed. I live in a small town without any audio dealers to audition gear, so I either have to rely on online advice or just buy and resell on A-gon anything I don't like.

I've been considering an upgrade to SACD for a while and was just planning to acquire a universal disc player (likely the new Oppo BDP-105) to replace the Primare CD31 and simply run LPCM through the digital coax into the stellar Sabre DAC in my Peachtree Grand Pre. HOWEVER, I just took a step back and started doing some new A/B comparisons between the digital out on the Primare into the GP and the balanced outputs on the Primare into the GP's analog inputs, and the difference is astounding! Although the background is not quite as black, the analog connection has so much more life, and much, much more mid-bass and bass punch (a plus with my Magnepans). Now, the digital connection just feels cold and lifeless. The difference was so incredible, that I'm now afraid to change out the Primare for something else.

Does anyone out there with experience with the Primare CD31 have any suggestions for SACD players to replace it? As I said, I'm considering the Oppo, but despite the good reviews, I'm worried that a consumer-grade device just might not match the Primare in my system (am I crazy?). I'm open to new or used, and for the sake of budget, I'd like to stay +/- a few hundred dollars of the value of the Primare when I eventually sell it.


For reference, my primary 2-channel system is currently:
Primare CD31
Peachtree Grand Pre
Bryston 4BSST2
Magnepan 3.6
Since you like the Primare sound, ( I have previously owned the CD 31 and agree that it is an outstanding unit) you may want to try the Primare DVD 30. It's a universal player that plays virtually every format including SACD.
Well, I got the chance to listen to an Oppo BDP-95, and although it did sound good, it just couldn't match the Primare in terms of realism. The Oppo just sounded sterile and did not conjure the same images of a bow on strings and vibrating wood bodies of violins on some of my favorite classical tracks. So if the 105 has a similar sound to the 95, which I can only assume it does, it's off the list.

I like the suggestion of a Primare DVD30, and I'm also looking at some of the McIntosh MVP universal DVD players. I don't plan to use these for video at all, so any thoughts on the McIntosh audio?

Thanks again!