Upgrade Quandry - Who's on first?

Here is the current system:

Snell Type C V Speakers
NAD 2700 thx times 2 Amplifiers
Rotel RCC 1055 CD Player
Basis 1400 Turntable
Simaudio Moon LP 3 phono pre
Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 tube Tube preamp
Straightwire virtuoso Speaker cable
Sumiko Bluepoint Special No 2 Cartridge
Signal Cable Magic Power Power Cord Tweak
APC Power Conditioner H 10 Tweak

What is next for a $1200 upgrade? I was thinking a new cdp or perhaps more powerful amps. As to the cdp the Sony XA 5400 es has been highly touted in some circles.
CLueless on the amp situation but I know the solid state is good for me and that with my current bi amped setup I am only geting 150 watts per channel and the Snells can take a lot more than that.
I listen to cds 70% ,classic rock, bluegrass some classical and jazz to.
nice stereo...a jelco arm would be an upgrade.. even a better one would allow you to keep some of the 1200.
There's a Classé Fifteen up for sale right now at exactly that price. Goodbye to biamping but a much better amp.

Other ways to spend it:

- an outboard DAC and a good 1.5m digital cable
- get your tonearm rewired
- battery power supply for the phonostage
- new preamp
Assuming that your speaekers do everything you want them to do, always upgrade the source first IMO. I have recently tried new sources and was amazed at what I heard. Second the preamp to one that is more open with better details that lets the music flow out.

Happy Listening.