Upgrade question.

Knowing that Quad and Wharfedale are speaker companies that are under the same distributing umbrella, I have a question directed to owners of one or the other brand. I am currently looking to upgrade from my Signet SL280EX and would like to get some advice as to which brand sounds better. I am leaning towards either the Quad 21Ls or the Wharfedale EVOlution 30. They both use Kevlar mid/bass drivers, although the Wharfedale use 2 and the Quad only one. Both has a bottom end spec of 35hz and 24 khz.If there is anyone who have heard these speakers and can provide some useful advice, I would welcome and appreciate it. Feel free to suggest others; however, these two are at the top of my short list.
I own both Wharfedale Pacific Pi-40s and Pi-30s. The Pacific series was the forerunner to the Evolution series and uses the same drivers. Only difference is curved cabinet on the evolution series. I haven't compared directly with the Quad 21L (different rooms, different systems), but I have been greatly pleased with the sound I have gotten from the Wharfedales. While the Quad 21L gets the respect it deserves, Wharfedale catches some undeserved grief due to their mass market speaker lines, but the Pacific, Evolution and Opus lines are another matter entirely. I'm sure you are already aware of that. One thing of which I am certain, though, is that the Pi-40 outperforms the Quad 21L on the bottom end. I don't mean just absolute depth either; it is much cleaner down low. The Evo-30s crossover at 200 and 2.8k Hz. Do you plan on using a sub with whichever speaker you choose? That can make a big difference, especially if used with an active crossover. Let me know what you are thinking, what type of music you usually listen to, other components, etc. and I'll see if I can come up with a more firm recommendation.
Thanks Goinbroke, I am aware of Wharfedale's downmarket offerings; however, I have read very favorable reviews in the British hi fi mags regarding bothe the Pacific and Pacific Evo lines, I have also read good reviews about their diamond line, from top to botom. Right now I am leaning ever so slightly towards the Quads and I do have a sub, an Energy Encore 8. Thanks for the great response.

Bottom line, I guess, is that you aren't likely to be disappointed with either choice. The 35Hz spec is probably a little optimistic for both sets, but that is typical of almost all manufacturers. Mine checked in at -3db at 40Hz in my room. Still, I ran the Pi-40s by themselves and never felt like I needed a sub, until I got a great deal on one. Then I found out how much really low bass info I was missing in some of the electronic music I listen to, so I added another to run stereo subs. Finally, I added a crossover to get the really low bass out of my main speakers...man, that was the ticket. It really cleaned up the output from the bass drivers in the Pi-40s. I can imagine that something like this setup might almost be a requirement with the Quads and their single mid/bass driver. You could accomplish the same thing with a single sub, provided it has two voice coils.

The size of your room might also play a part in your decision. The bigger the room, the more I would lean toward the Evo-30/40. No need to go with the Evo 40 if you are going to use a sub, though. Anyway, let me know what you decide. I'm curious to see how it works out. Hope it goes well.