Upgrade Question

So, I’m a dyed-in-the-wool, old school, CD guy. Not interested in vinyl or streaming. I have currently a Musical Fidelity 3D CD player that I bought new in 2003. I love the sound of it, but realize that technological advancements in the medium may warrant an upgrade in players, amd the unit may be getting old in the tooth. I’m looking for a one box solution. In addition to the MF, my system consists of a BAT 225se power amp, BAT VK-3i preamp, and Joseph Audio Pulsars (v1). Your recommendations would be most appreciated. Thanks.
@soix Good suggestion. Thanks. From an R2R perspective, that may mean something in the Denafrips lineup.
Find a friend, borrow a DAC.  Redbook cd's haven't changed so your cd player might be fine.  Either borrow from a friend or demo from a local store to see if it's worth it.  What city are you in?  There might be a local froiup who can help you.
Denafrips, MHDT, AudioMirror, Schiit, Sonnet, SW1X, probably other R2R DACs I missed.  Some NOS, some not.  So many good DACs to choose from these days. 
if you want a one box solution, i would suggest a modwright modded sony or marantz cd player with outboard tube rectified power suppy and tube output stage - well i guess with the power supply it is 2 boxes...  :)

some of the best sound from cd players ever