Upgrade thoughts

I'm considering an upgrade-not committed to it and not sure which component would be best to upgrade. System= Sonus Faber Serafino; Michi s5 amp; Simaudio 390 preamp; DCS Bartok DAC streamer (currently being upgraded to Apex); Clearaudio DC Performance TT; Simaudio 610LP phono pre; Ortofon Cadenza Bronze Cart; Roon Nucleus; Nordost Heimdall II speaker cables and interconnects; Shunyata PC; Room is approximately 36x24 with an area opening to a different room. 

I enjoy different kinds of music-jazz-60s, 70s rock, country, accoustical. No classical or electronic- not a lot of really bass heavy stuff. Mostly stream from Qobuz-really enjoy my vinyl rig but too old and lazy to get up every 20 minutes. 

I'm pretty satisfied with my system-spend a couple of hours with it every night- and maybe should leave well enough alone. If I had to identify what I would like more of, maybe a wider soundstage and a bit more detail. Or, maybe I just have a recurring case of upgraditis because that seems to go with this hobby. 

Have toyed with going to Boulder 1160 amp. The Michi S5 might seem the logical weak spot, but I think its pretty good. Auditioned against McIntosh and Classe and I liked the Michi better. Boulder is obviously in a different price category-wondering how much improvement i might get for the money. 

Also considered going to Magico S5 MkII speakers. The SFs are fine speakers-would this be more of a lateral move?

Might be able to audition these in a showroom-probably not with my setup. 

Would appreciate any helpful thoughts-particularly about the Boulder and/or Magico.

Budget is 15-20 plus trade-in-obviously would be happy to spend less.

 I don't post that often but look at the forum everyday and have learned a lot. Things like never debate raven vs. prima luna, but helpful stuff as well. 



Looking at your great system that is fairly well balanced what sticks out to me as opportunities is your preamp and your speakers.

I would recommend a high quality tube amp long before an amp change. A great one like an Audio Research Reference, Presto, CJ… these are highly detailed and very musical. 

I happened to be a big fan of Sonus Faber and currently have Amati Traditional. I looked at the Serafino and realized they were too small for my room.  I would go up a level or two.

Magico would be a completely different sound… one that might cause you to trade a lot other equipment. They are so revealing that can end up not sounding good. 

Thank you for your thoughts. I thought about going up to the Amati because my room is not small. Also, wondering how much the new generation improved. No experience with tubes so that's a little daunting but I'll look into that too. Appreciate the advice.

Speakers can  give the best bang-for-buck improvement because they are the least neutral of components! Yet a change can too often be a sideways move! Sonus Faber has a house sound. You could audition a larger model from SF.

I’d be leery of buying any Boulder amps. Comparable sonic quality can be had today for way less. I’d rather buy a pair of the newest Hypex Ncore 500’s for around a few grand than spend 10X that for Boulder! The future of audio is with the newest Class D amps - not the 100+ lbs  $20K boat anchors!