Upgrade thoughts

I'm considering an upgrade-not committed to it and not sure which component would be best to upgrade. System= Sonus Faber Serafino; Michi s5 amp; Simaudio 390 preamp; DCS Bartok DAC streamer (currently being upgraded to Apex); Clearaudio DC Performance TT; Simaudio 610LP phono pre; Ortofon Cadenza Bronze Cart; Roon Nucleus; Nordost Heimdall II speaker cables and interconnects; Shunyata PC; Room is approximately 36x24 with an area opening to a different room. 

I enjoy different kinds of music-jazz-60s, 70s rock, country, accoustical. No classical or electronic- not a lot of really bass heavy stuff. Mostly stream from Qobuz-really enjoy my vinyl rig but too old and lazy to get up every 20 minutes. 

I'm pretty satisfied with my system-spend a couple of hours with it every night- and maybe should leave well enough alone. If I had to identify what I would like more of, maybe a wider soundstage and a bit more detail. Or, maybe I just have a recurring case of upgraditis because that seems to go with this hobby. 

Have toyed with going to Boulder 1160 amp. The Michi S5 might seem the logical weak spot, but I think its pretty good. Auditioned against McIntosh and Classe and I liked the Michi better. Boulder is obviously in a different price category-wondering how much improvement i might get for the money. 

Also considered going to Magico S5 MkII speakers. The SFs are fine speakers-would this be more of a lateral move?

Might be able to audition these in a showroom-probably not with my setup. 

Would appreciate any helpful thoughts-particularly about the Boulder and/or Magico.

Budget is 15-20 plus trade-in-obviously would be happy to spend less.

 I don't post that often but look at the forum everyday and have learned a lot. Things like never debate raven vs. prima luna, but helpful stuff as well. 





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