Upgrade to Macintosh MA7000 or Luxman L507u?

Now using Musical Fidelity A5 paired with Vandersteen 2ce Signatures. A5 a little bright to me, plus would like headphone amp and tone control which A5 lack. Aware Vandys have tone controls but generally don't tweak them too often. My looking led me to McIntosh and Luxman. Given that I really don't think the speakers are the problem, what are people's comments on these two integrated's? (Budget is around 8k. I love Brahms, Beethoven, Radiohead, Miles Davis, REM.)
Why not consider the top of the range Luxman L-509u?

The 509u is of the same class of the MA7000 and is in a similar price, not the L-507u which is a mid-range integrated, more comparable to the McIntosh 6500, not to the 7000.

I own the 509u, has a very balanced and natural sound, detailed but never "hyperdetailed", great control of the woofers, deep bass, great ability to play every genre of music (I prefer rock, fusion and jazz) even at high SPLs, deep and wide soundstaging.

It has tone controls but I don't use them, it sounds perfect in Line Straight mode.

Source is Luxman D06 SACD player, speakers are B&W 803D, power regenerator is PurePower AVPS 3000, cables (power cords -even for the PP3000-, XLR interconnects, two pairs of single wire speaker cables in external biwiring configuration) are all Cardas Golden Reference.
Thanks for comments. Does anyone have experience with the Musical Fidelity A5 which I have in my system now? In considering replacement for it, I would like opinions about whether others also perceive the A5 as bright - I don't want to go from one bright amp to another one.