Upgrade to McIntosh

Hello everyone,

I am looking to upgrade my hi-fi sytem.I demod MC 275 recently and loved the tuby,warm house sound of Mcintosh.

I will be pairing them with Sonus Faber Olympica 1.

I am torn between MA352 integrated and MC275+C8 separates. The latter is obviously more costly but I am willing to go for it if there are advantages.

How would the sound differ? What would be the most notable distinction between the two system in your opinion?

Thanks in advance

I moved from a McIntosh solid state multi-channel amp to a 275 for the front L and R speakers (Klipsch La Scala's).  The bass was MUCH better, in every way, with the 275.  I was quite pleasantly surprised!

I don’t think you can go wrong.

1. Room size - take into consideration. Could the C8 + MC275 maybe be more than you need?

2. I have not heard your Sonus bookshelf speakers but do they need that much (C8 + MC275) to drive them?

3. I have the McIntosh MA352 (driving Revel F328Be speakers) and have never been happier. While I might change other components, the MA352 & Revels are the last amp / speaker setup.

Good luck!

Not really an apples to apples comparison. The MA352 is a hybrid integrated. Tube preamp, solid-state power amp. The MC275 is a true tube amp and probably more closer to the McIntosh sound than the MA352. I owned an MA352 for a while. Wasn’t crazy about it. Found it a bit harsh in the midrange and lacking top end detail. I ended up replacing it with McIntosh separates. If you demoed the MC275 and fell in love with it, you will not likely be satisfied with the MA352.

There are many better quality products then McIntosh.

I used to sell them before they sold out to a Asian company 

and some of their products now made in China which is sad .

nice looking meters though . It’s whst inside for parts quality that count most .

for a tube amp Ayon is much better in every respect ,the transformers and chokes 

are the heart of any good tube setup Ayonuse world class Lundahl 

McIntosh nothing special . And inside Ayon uses Mundorf ,Mc maybe wima still.

Ayon machined cases , this is one very good example  sadly McIntosh  is way overpriced for what they provide do your homework. The mc275 is very respectable 

but there are much better out there I just mentioned a few items .

Trust your ears. 

If you like it - that’s what matters. I’ve owned a C2600 and MC 302 with Sonus faber Olympica Nova Vs. 

Mc stuff has a strong secondary market. 

If you’re unsure experiment - Rogue makes some excellent hybrid and tube stuff for a great value