Upgraded my cables and they transformed my system!!!

My old cables were, and my new cables are a mix of three or four different brands of cables that synergized beautifully together to produce an outstanding sound in my system. Recently, I felt that there was room for improvement in my audio system’s cabling, so I decided it was time to upgrade. I’m still in love with my old superb speaker cables (Revel Salon 2 speakers), (JPS Labs Superconductor 3 speaker cables), and my incredible ethernet cables (Shunyata Sigma), so I felt no need to replace them. Here’s a list of the upgrades that I made:

Ayre Acoustc QX-5 Twenty DAC: Old cable= ATC, 2M, power cable (excellent for digital exclusively). Replaced with= JPS Labs Aluminata 1.5M power cable (transformational).

Hegel H590 Integrated Amp: Old cable= Audioquest Tornado power cable, High Current, 15A, 1 meter. Replaced with= Audioquest Hurricane, High Current, 1M, 15A

Audioquest Niagara 3000 Power Conditioner: Old cable= Audioquest Thunder power cable, High Current, 15A, 2M. Replaced with= Audioquest Hurricane, High Current, 15A, 2M.

Interconnects: Old cable= Audioquest Earth, 1M, XLR. Replaced with= Audioquest Pegasus, 1M, XLR (transformational).

Note: My budget limit was $1500 or less for each cable (new or used), which I achieved.


I'm not one of our more well-heeled audiophiles, and the $1500 or below (new or used) for each cable was the absolute limit to my financial capabilities for my new cables.  However, at the $1500 or below price point for a new or used power cord or pair of interconnects, you can purchase a level of quality which, IMHO, is so incredibly high with such a high level of proficiency, one would have to question the necessity to spend more.    

With the new cables in place, the sound quality of my system, which sounded simply outstanding before the upgrades, has been improved dramatically by leaps and bounds, and my new interconnects are not even close to being fully broken-in yet!!! Of course, I expected this kind of improvement in sound quality once the new cables were installed, and the improvement will continue to get better and better over time as the interconnects continue to further burn-in. Now, I should be good to go for the foreseeable future.

For those of you who still persist in believing that non-stock, upgraded, aftermarket cabling is "Snake-oil"...............you have no idea.

Happy listening



I found real benefits shopping for interconnect and speaker cables many years ago,  Last year, I finally explored power cords and they were transformational as you suggested.  My own experience suggests that we tend to overbuy electronics if we don’t pay attention to how they are connected.  

Congratulations on making these improvements.  You’ll likely be receiving feedback that is not as supportive.  What matters most is if you are happy with the sound of your system and how you have invested in it..  

Respectfully….confirmation bias is a powerful aphrodisiac. Enjoy your improved system. What matters is how you feel about what you’re hearing. Nothing more. 

Congratulations. I too have experienced upgrading cables and having a "WOW" moment.


Did you ever consider any other manufacturer than Audioquest? Also, you might have saved some money by replacing the Thunder in the power conditioner with the Tornado you already have.  Congratulations on your major upgrade. What's next?