Upgraded my cables and they transformed my system!!!

My old cables were, and my new cables are a mix of three or four different brands of cables that synergized beautifully together to produce an outstanding sound in my system. Recently, I felt that there was room for improvement in my audio system’s cabling, so I decided it was time to upgrade. I’m still in love with my old superb speaker cables (Revel Salon 2 speakers), (JPS Labs Superconductor 3 speaker cables), and my incredible ethernet cables (Shunyata Sigma), so I felt no need to replace them. Here’s a list of the upgrades that I made:

Ayre Acoustc QX-5 Twenty DAC: Old cable= ATC, 2M, power cable (excellent for digital exclusively). Replaced with= JPS Labs Aluminata 1.5M power cable (transformational).

Hegel H590 Integrated Amp: Old cable= Audioquest Tornado power cable, High Current, 15A, 1 meter. Replaced with= Audioquest Hurricane, High Current, 1M, 15A

Audioquest Niagara 3000 Power Conditioner: Old cable= Audioquest Thunder power cable, High Current, 15A, 2M. Replaced with= Audioquest Hurricane, High Current, 15A, 2M.

Interconnects: Old cable= Audioquest Earth, 1M, XLR. Replaced with= Audioquest Pegasus, 1M, XLR (transformational).

Note: My budget limit was $1500 or less for each cable (new or used), which I achieved.


I'm not one of our more well-heeled audiophiles, and the $1500 or below (new or used) for each cable was the absolute limit to my financial capabilities for my new cables.  However, at the $1500 or below price point for a new or used power cord or pair of interconnects, you can purchase a level of quality which, IMHO, is so incredibly high with such a high level of proficiency, one would have to question the necessity to spend more.    

With the new cables in place, the sound quality of my system, which sounded simply outstanding before the upgrades, has been improved dramatically by leaps and bounds, and my new interconnects are not even close to being fully broken-in yet!!! Of course, I expected this kind of improvement in sound quality once the new cables were installed, and the improvement will continue to get better and better over time as the interconnects continue to further burn-in. Now, I should be good to go for the foreseeable future.

For those of you who still persist in believing that non-stock, upgraded, aftermarket cabling is "Snake-oil"...............you have no idea.

Happy listening



I don't know who's more fortunate, those who can hear a difference or those who can't...

not angry.

simply because we don need to support any manufacturers who sell over-priced products!


     KUDOS on actually stepping out, trying new cables and enjoying the rewards.

     What would it take for a Naysayer Doctrine adherent to convince you, that what you're experiencing is a result of defective hearing, some deceptive bias, or- your inadequate mental faculties?

                                          As I've mentioned in the past:

     No one can tell you whether/how your system, room and/or ears will respond to some new addition.   There are simply too many variables.

     LIKEWISE: no one can possibly know whether a new addition (ie: some kind of disc, crystal, fuse, interconnect, speaker cable, etc)  will make a difference, in their system and room, with their media and to their ears, without trying them for themselves.   

     Some companies offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, so- those that are actually interested, have absolutely nothing to lose, by trying (experimenting with) such.     

     Anyone that knows anything about the sciences, realizes that something like 96% of what makes up this universe, remains a mystery.       

     For centuries; humanity’s seen, heard, felt and otherwise witnessed phenomena, that none of the best minds could explain, UNTIL they developed a science or measurement, that could explain it.     

     The Naysayer Church wants you to trust their antiquated science (1800’s electrical theory) and faith-based, religious doctrine, BLINDLY ("Trust ME!"). 

     Theories have never proven or disproven anything.  It’s INVARIABLY testing and experimentation that proves or disproves theories/hypotheses.   

    IF you’re interested in the possibility of improving your system’s presentation, have a shred of confidence in your capacity for perceiving reality and trust your own senses: actually TRY whatever whets your aural appetite, FOR YOURSELF.         

                      The Naysayer Church HATES it, when THAT happens! 

                                                 HAPPY LISTENING!

This thread illustrates one thing........ that we all have biases and hubris when it comes to sound.  It's what keeps this site alive.

Congrats and no surprise; I have gradually been upgrading to the Cerious Tech MatrixV2 but primarily to his Lumniscate line of power cords and interconnects as well as speaker cables and my system sounds EASILY 25 % better today than it sounded 6 months ago. For anyone not familiar with Cerious Tech you can check out his newly designed website, No on eon earth is making cables like Cerious at ANY price. Just go Cerioustech.com