Upgraded PC for Velodyne DD12

Are there significant gains that can be made by upgrading the stock cord for this unit (or for that matter any sub)? It would seem to me that there are but I haven't been able to find any threads on the subject. Any PC recommendations would also be appreciated. Under $200 please! The DD12 takes a 2 pin (no ground) IEC.

Thanks, Mark
OK over $200 (used or new) then or comments on whether the upgraded cord can really make a difference. As an aside, I recently upgraded the IC to the sub and immediately noticed an improvement in low level listening response. I'm wondering if the PC would have similar results. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
i have the legacy pace maker,and changing cords has made a differ..i have tryed psaudio prelude,and vhaudio flavor 2.im currently running a diy silver over copper cord i made up.bass is tighter with the silver cord, i wouldnt put the stock cord back in..ive even have a ps audio ultimate outlet on it and it cleaned the lower end up alot..ive even put tara lab air 3 interconnects on it ...so any cord will help alot...look into the www.vhaudio.com new flavor 4 cord, i think it would be the best way for a sub
Thanks for your insight. I'm already using some vhaudio power cords on my integrated, DVD, and DAC. So the flavor 4 would be a logical choice.
i made my flavor 4 cord ,alot cheaper and not that bad,once you drill the holes out in the low cost plugs