Upgraded power cables- Who's on First?

Just wondering...If you have 2 upgraded power cables to use where is the the best place to use them? Wall to conditioner first?
Then cdp to conditioner? Perhaps preamp to conditioner would be 2nd best choice? I really am too lazy to do hours of testing if someone has already figured this out and does it really matter?
I think because they demand the most power, that the amps should get the best power cords.
But then I also feel that the end(speakers)of the system is where I would start to place my priorities and work backwards.
Linn be damned.

The best case is the same quality power cords to every component.
The full loom approach which is one Brit mantra that I believe in.
bad in = bad out. Putting a better power cable on your amp first won't make your signal any better if the signal coming from the CDP has bad power. The better the signal to start off with the better it will be when it reaches your speakers.

You need to get rid of that virtual dynamics power cable, however. It's over-priced, mechanical and unmusical... but gives the impression of being musical artificially -- been there done that. I have a few better suggestions.

Who's on First? Most important power cable is the one from the breaker box to the outlet. Can I assume everyone has a proper dedicated line? Two would even be better.
I second that, and also add that the minimum gauge be at least 10 gauge, and a dedicated line for each component to start.
I really am too lazy to do hours of testing if someone has already figured this out

Alright,someone that's truthful about why they asked a question!!