Upgrading Aerial Acoustics Model 7T

I am thinking of upgrading my Aerial Acoustics Model 7T. Here the two speaker choices, not in any order, that I have so far
1. Rockport Atria-II
2. Magico S3 Mk II
My music room is relatively small (12' X 16' X 7'4") and it has acoustic treatments, primarily GIK Acoustics panels, on the walls/corners. My budget is 30K. I have listened to both Atria-II and Avior-II in a local dealer's hi-fi room and liked the Rockport house sound. I would have preferred the Avior-II if I had a little bigger room but for now I decided to shortlist Atria-II. I am going to listen to the Magico's shortly. I listen to all sorts of music but really love male/female vocals and Jazz. Currently I am using Parasound Pre and power amplifier to drive the Model 7Ts but I am planning to go pure Class A, balanced (both input and the circuit) instead of Class A/B design. Would love to hear your comments on my choice of speakers and any other brands that would suit my budget, room and listening preference.

@Chilehed- Thanks for your detailed response. In fact I listened to Atria-II with DCS Rossini Rossini DAC driven by Gryphon integrated amplifier in Goodwins High End audio showroom in Waltham-MA. Yes I will audition Atria -II in my room before making the final decision. 
On the speaker positioning topic and by depth I mean, are you getting the image way back on the wall behind the speakers being completely detached from them. The only way I get that in my room is leaving around 5' distance measured from the front of the speakers. But you are close and it should be good.
I also heard the Atria's at Goodwins but with a different DAC. The image in that room is compressed compared to what I hear at home. They had the speakers toed in quite a bit so was thinking that could have accounted for it? While there I was more interested in comparing the Innuous Zenith streamer to the Bluesound Vault.
If I listen to a reasonable recording in my room at home, my speakers disappear completely with very good image definition, depth and width. Is your room treated? I've done the basics but I have more work to do in that department. 
Please let me know if you upgrade and plan on selling your 7T’s. You can email me at jwincville at gmail if you want a quicker response.

@jwincville- I listened to the Rockport Atria-II speakers a few times in the last 2 weeks and I am still not very convinced that it is worth replacing the Aerial 7Ts. So I am not going for this upgrade immediately. If I change my mind I will definitely get in touch with you.
@soix- I love the sound-staging and the overall balance of Aerial 7Ts when it delivers music. I am looking for a better quality mid range reproduction (in addition to the balance, sound-staging) as part of the next speaker upgrade. Atria-II is better but I didn't feel the urge to move immediately and replace the Aerials.