Upgrading Aerial Acoustics Model 7T

I am thinking of upgrading my Aerial Acoustics Model 7T. Here the two speaker choices, not in any order, that I have so far
1. Rockport Atria-II
2. Magico S3 Mk II
My music room is relatively small (12' X 16' X 7'4") and it has acoustic treatments, primarily GIK Acoustics panels, on the walls/corners. My budget is 30K. I have listened to both Atria-II and Avior-II in a local dealer's hi-fi room and liked the Rockport house sound. I would have preferred the Avior-II if I had a little bigger room but for now I decided to shortlist Atria-II. I am going to listen to the Magico's shortly. I listen to all sorts of music but really love male/female vocals and Jazz. Currently I am using Parasound Pre and power amplifier to drive the Model 7Ts but I am planning to go pure Class A, balanced (both input and the circuit) instead of Class A/B design. Would love to hear your comments on my choice of speakers and any other brands that would suit my budget, room and listening preference.

It's really surprising that someone would go to that level to vent out frustration against Michael Kelly who is a perfect gentleman all the way at least in my opinion.
Interested in possibly purchasing your 7Ts.  I may be selling my 10ts as I just feel the need for a change. 
He doesn't have the speakers. He's just using the ad to get back at Michael. That ad has been out for about three years. Not realistic that those speakers would be available that long.
@luxmancl38- If that is the case then why wouldn't the Audiogon admin jump in and clean up those spurious ads? It is creating a very unhealthy environment and possibly hurting the image of this forum.