Upgrading Aerial Acoustics Model 7T

I am thinking of upgrading my Aerial Acoustics Model 7T. Here the two speaker choices, not in any order, that I have so far
1. Rockport Atria-II
2. Magico S3 Mk II
My music room is relatively small (12' X 16' X 7'4") and it has acoustic treatments, primarily GIK Acoustics panels, on the walls/corners. My budget is 30K. I have listened to both Atria-II and Avior-II in a local dealer's hi-fi room and liked the Rockport house sound. I would have preferred the Avior-II if I had a little bigger room but for now I decided to shortlist Atria-II. I am going to listen to the Magico's shortly. I listen to all sorts of music but really love male/female vocals and Jazz. Currently I am using Parasound Pre and power amplifier to drive the Model 7Ts but I am planning to go pure Class A, balanced (both input and the circuit) instead of Class A/B design. Would love to hear your comments on my choice of speakers and any other brands that would suit my budget, room and listening preference.

I was wondering about that 7t add and all the trash he talked about the speakers and Aerial. Kind of weird way to sell I speaker I thought LOL.

Look for used 20T V2, which might be even harder to find, but one of the best speakers I have heard.

I am happy as heck with the used 10Ts I found. Best money I ever spent in audio @ 1300 delivered!

@steve432234- I have deferred the Aerial 7T upgrade plan. Not completely satisfied with the performance of my shortlisted speakers....

I have the 7Ts.  I am stunned by their performance.  There is no criticism of this tremendously balanced speaker.