Upgrading-Clear Days to Nordost Tyr 2 or Frey 2 vs Cerious Matrix IC's and speaker cables

Hello everyone. I need your help.
I’m in the process of upgrading my Clear Day double shotgun speaker cables and IC’s.
I prefer musicality, micro and macro dynamics, speed and transients, and air and soundstage width and depth vs warmth.

I am very happy with what my Clear days are delivering I just want a more refinement in what it does well.
The ClearDays are generally neutral with good soundstage width height and depth. Musical but not overly warm, or thick sounding. Good bass presense with nice but not overly harsh highs. I am looking for more front to back layering of the sound-stage, detail in the mids and lows, plus balanced bottom to top performance across the entire frequency spectrum.

My 2 channel listening system consists of a Modwright Oppo with a GEC U52 rectifier and 75 silver shield "holy grail reflectors" output tubes. My amp is currently a BAT VK-6200 feeding into PSB T3’s supplemented with a REL S5. I use REL bassline Blue and AQ Boxer cables to connect my REL S5.

Has anyone demo’d both Nordost and the Matrix lines?
How do they compare? What is the Matrix house sound vs the Nordost?
Performance wise how does Matrix compare to both Frey 2 and Tyr 2?

Thanks everyone for your input and help. :)

First I sold them several years ago, so not much memory, but

WW cables are designed by a professional (David Salz) who understands the various electromechanical issues (capacitance, inductance and skin effect) that affect signal transfer

Paul’s cables and jacketing were extremely simple, with no regard for what it could be doing wrong


  Guys, none of those mentioned (or other) cables even comes close to the pure, calm and shocking dynamic signal you can get from a thick (minimum 9awg) solid copper conductor. Simply because they represent a much lower resistance and eliminates interference, just what your amp asks for.

In fact, no conductor on the secondary (low current) site should be thinner than 9awg solid core.