Upgrading from a Pro-ject X2 to Technics Sl-1200G

I’m contemplating upgrading my current turntable, a Pro-ject X2 with a Sumiko Moonstone cartridge to a Technics SL-1200G.  Was hoping to get input from those of you with experience with the Technics and Pro-ject turntables around the price of the X2.  The X2 is my first turntable over $1,000 and I was pretty shocked of how much better it sounded than my previous Carbon Debut Espirit (with Ortofon red). Will moving up to the Technics give me another substantial gain in sound quality?  I’m also a fan of the Moonstone sound.  Happy to hear suggestions on a higher end cartridge, with similar tonal qualities (I would describe it as somewhat warm with a good bass punch, but not too dull in the top end) that would be a match with the internal phono pre of my Luxman L-507uxii (as I plan to use that for now).  Thank you in advance.


You’re entering the domain of diminishing returns. However the Technics G is a fine unit which may well be your endgame table. Keep the Sumiko initially so you can hear the difference the 1200 makes. A Nagaoka MP500 would be an inexpensive upgrade. 

Sumiko Amethyst? Everything you like about the Moonstone with a better stylus?